Explained: Rankings And Points In The Community

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If you’ve been wondering about how rankings within the community work, as well as how to earn reputation points, you’ve come to the right place.

There are currently 7 ranks within the Vital Community. When you first join, you’ll be a “Rookie,” but by posting content and engaging within the community, you’ll be rocketing up the ranks in no time. 

Below you can see the rankings you can achieve, and how many reputation points it takes to level up.

  • Rookie 
  • Glow Getter - 50
  • Power Player - 100
  • Matcha Maven - 500
  • Pep Squad Leader - 1000
  • Game Changer -1500
  • Collagen CEO - 2000

You can earn points (and badges) by doing and achieving certain things within the community. For example:

If you update your profile picture, not only will you get the “Photogenic” badge, but you’ll also receive 10 reputation points. Additionally, if you connect your profile to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll get a further 10 points for each.

You will also earn points by posting comments on threads, by answering questions, by getting ‘Likes’, ‘Loves’ and ‘Up Votes’ on your posts, tagging other members, and so on. The more you engage, the more points you get — and the sooner you’ll level up. This is how you’ll earn the bulk of your reputation points.

We’ll also be regularly adding awesome new ways to earn points and badges, so follow this thread for updates. 

Can you level up to become a “Collagen CEO”? Give it a shot! After all, who wouldn’t want to be a CEO?